Bergerie de Fenouillet

We are located 20 km from Montpellier in Pic Saint Loup, in the North East of the appellation.
Nestled in a landscape of scrubland and pine forests, the climate is cooler there than in the Mediterranean plains of Languedoc, which promotes a unique aromatic freshness.
Recognizable for their elegance in an extroverted vineyard, we are among the winegrowers who are looking for even more refinement.

Our vineyard, an island in one piece, also produces Languedoc, Val de Montferrand, which keep this finesse so characteristic of the estate, by being more free in the choice of grape varieties

Where can I find this exhibitor ?

This exhibitor can be found in the following sector :

AOP - Pic Saint-Loup

How do I book a rendezvous with this exhibitor ?

After registering as a visitor or as press (registration is free), you can book a rendezvous on line with this exhibitor in your visitors space.

How do I contact them ?

Tel : 06 20 77 61 76

3 chemin de Fenouillet
34270 Vacquières

What wines will they be presenting ?

Red Wine

Clapas 2020

AOP - Pic Saint-Loup

Icare 2020

AOP - Pic Saint-Loup

Le Redon 2019

AOP - Languedoc

Sonnail 2020

AOP - Languedoc

White wine

La Pique 2021

AOP - Languedoc